It's happening... All the goodness we have been planning and designing will come to life on this day.

the main event


So fun, it really is! We take all that good stuff we talked about and actually get the partners together.



How can we push boundaries? LSE will deliver creative direction that speaks to you and the mission.

creative exploration


Are we doing this? It feels like we are. We make it official by signing on the dotted line. From there, we are on our way.



We we get to know each other a little better. This is where you tell us about your vision/mission and we share how we can make it happen your way.



Tap that inquire button in the menu and complete the contact form. We will be in touch within 48 hrs. Business hours that is.



THE process




What are you interested in learning more about?



For clients that may not have the time or may not be interested in planning, LSE handles every detail of your special event. This full service planning offering includes: venue selection, full creative event design vision, sourcing and communication with all event partners, meeting attendance, creation of your event layout, guest transportation, proposal + contract review, as well as management in the following areas: investment, logistics, guest hotel block, and gifting. 

We have created two very special packages focused on smaller gatherings. This Essentials Suite has been curated for clients who have decided to celebrate in a highly intentional way. Whether this means you have decided to have a marriage ceremony amongst those who are near and dear, or you choose to host a small social gathering with a few of your closest friends and family. 

Essentials : For the couple who wants to share a ceremony only experience with up to ten guests. Offered with ceremony essential partners.

Essentials+ : For the couple who wants to share a ceremony + dining experience with up to 25 guests. Offered with ceremony and dining essential partners. Also available without ceremony related partners and services.

We pride ourselves on our unparalleled execution of corporate events. We love bringing your company’s mission to life through strategic planning to produce experiential marketing, employee, and customer appreciation events. 

Let’s be sure to connect so that we can learn about your specific needs and provide you with a perfectly tailored proposal. 


Pulling from her formal design training and background, Lea and team approaches each editorial beginning with a conversation driven by the client narrative. From there a creative concept and mood is born. LSE will source and provide all props required to execute the final design, produce the project timeline and manage all partners.  


Specially curated travel experiences and celebrations for the traveler. We will provide destination and accommodation suggestions based on your needs. Once the location has been determined bespoke moments will be created for you and your guests to enjoy. From fine dining and tastings to relaxation and wellness, we are very excited to deliver a destination experience for you. 






With years of experience, we will work closely with you from creative concept to completion. Delivering practical design layouts, color and texture samples, as well as appliance options. Our goal will be to shape your personal space so that your newly transformed room will offer function and true style. 



"This was such an easy and stress free experience with planning our wedding. Lea truly made sure that all of our requests were met and upheld to the highest standards. She always made sure we were completely satisfied with every vendor and that our ideas were being designed and executed as we hoped. I couldn't ever imagine having a better wedding planner to share our day with us. Even to this day, I consider Lea more than just our planner, but a dear friend."

You can expect this meeting to run between 30 mins – 45 mins.


Yes! In fact, we would love to travel even more. Please take us away. Additional investment may be required.


Absolutely. Since each event’s make up is different, the team will scale accordingly. The average 150 person wedding will require 3-4 LSE members.


LSE has been in business for 8 years.


As soon as possible. Our calendar does fill up, because we prefer not to take on multiple events in one day, it is ideal to secure your date with us about one year before your projected wedding day.


We try our best not to do this. It has happened in the past, but our original client is made aware of this before committing to a second event that day. We properly staff each of our events, rest assured your event’s integrity will not be compromised.



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